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Why Mobile is the best place for Battle Royale games - Royale games - Video Peeling news, instructions, exemplary approaches, reviews and cultu

Do you know how many Battle Royale games are available on iOS and Android? In fact, forget Battle Royale Games - What about all the games that include Battle Royale as separate, subtle mode? There are many, okay? Charges. Like a really unimaginable number.

Garenas Free Fire, PubG Mobile, Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, Knives Out, Survival Rules, Modern Combat 5. These are just a few of the many games available on mobile devices and can contain a large Battle Royale component. So yes, that's a lot, a crazy crowd, and it is constantly growing as games like Apex Legends find their way to the phone before we know.

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And so mobile quickly becomes one of the best places to play Battle Royale games, despite touchscreen control, questionable online connections, small screens and a variety of other little problems that prevent people from using mobile gaming as "real" gaming Watch now, in 2019. Madness.

Face Facts, Guys: Mobile is one of the best places for Battle Royale games already, and to prove it, I have a list of questionable reasons. Hey, if you have something better, you can leave it in the comments below ...

Log in, jump out

That's a simple beauty. You can start playing anytime, anywhere. Just do it. Sitting at the bus stop, waiting in a train, fall asleep on the back seat of a car - whatever you do right now, you can start playing a Battle Royale.

Call of Duty Mobile and PubG Mobile were great for this, and the most involved Battle-Royale players are usually of the fact that Fortnite is suitable for you as they continue their battle-pass progress while on a PC, a switch, A console or mobile device are, depending on what suits you.

Portability is a huge benefit for mobile games in general. As long as you have an internet connection, this is the perfect way to play Battle Royales.

The Great Equalizer

Touchscreens are really the best Equalizer - we are all the same before a touchscreen. Without precise controller or more precise gaming mice, we are all the same and it's the touchscreen that drives us all in the ruin.

  • How Call of Duty Mobile has become better thanks to Apex Legends

We can call us professionally and talented, as much as we want, but the fact is that we can be wiped out on a touchscreen of a small child very much. And that's nice in a way.

There is no judgment on the phone. Unless you play with one of these controllers, the touchscreen inputs on buttons. Please do not win so.


Better with friends

Every game is better with friends, so that feels pretty self-explanatory, but there are more reasons why mobile devices are best.

I mean, for one thing, pretty much everyone has a mobile device, right? A smartphone or a tablet? You can play games like Fortnite on each of them, and when it comes to fornites, things make things much more interesting.

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For example, I can turn on my phone, my tablet, my Nintendo Switch and my PS4 and play with a full Fortnite team from four players. All I need is what I already have nearby. Sure, I would probably also need four accounts, but a simple single-screen multiplayer like this is hard to get and mobile makes it so much easier.

Always online

Cell phones are as good as always online. If you did not manage to enter a 4G black spot to go into the ground or to activate flight mode, you can basically always play a battle royal, no matter where you are. That's good, because unlike many other game genres, Battle Royales have to stay online, no matter what happens.

Is this a bad reason to claim that mobile is the best place for Battle Royale games? In itself, I would say yes, but then you must take into account all other reasons listed here, with the mere variety of Battle Royal titles from which you can select on mobile devices. And do I have to emphasize again that Apex Legends are available for mobile phones?

Sorry, I'm just looking forward to Apex Legends.


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